About BirthSwell.

Is BirthSwell for you?BirthSwellWomen

Are you:

  • A birth or breastfeeding professional, volunteer, or activist
  • A maternal or infant health care provider or advocate

Do you believe:

  • Women, when armed with evidence-based information, make the right choices for themselves and their families?
  • That to reach mothers we need to start by meeting them where they are at?
  • Birth and breastfeeding communities should be respectful and honor the choices of all women?
  • Birth, breastfeeding, and maternal and infant health organizations are at a turning point — and collaboration is critical to our success?

Do you believe that new media and social media tools can help us all to:

  • reach women with evidence-based information
  • change birth, breastfeeding, and maternal/infant health policy
  • develop and deepen critical organizational collaboration

Then you have come to right place!

BirthSwell will help you learn the theory and the practical how to’s for using new media and social media tools to build your business, change policy, and spread your birth (and breastfeeding and maternal/infant health) genius.

What others are saying about BirthSwell:

Jeanette and Hillary have an uncanny ability to break down social media strategy into discrete tasks and realistic goals that can slip right into a full personal and professional life . . . they leave you feeling both inspired and fully equipped to jump in, be heard, and make change. Also, they’re really nice!

Susan Smartt Cook, CPM, LM, CD(DONA)
Smartt Birth Midwifery and Doula Services
National Association of CPMs Administrative Asst.

Jeanette and Hillary are supportive, encouraging and were able to take my passion and turn it into a successful business model. They know social media and online business strategies and they continuously tell me where they would see my business fit in that world, as I learn it myself. I highly recommend working with Birthswell, especially if you are interested in fun, smart, strategic, on-point advice and are open to growing your business beyond your dreams.

 Kate Dimpfl, CCE, CBC, CD

Jeanette from BirthSwell is a force to be reckoned with in the social media world! I have had the opportunity to see her in action with grassroots training and formation of a social media team, in fundraising, and even skillfully managing the backlash from an unanticipated social media crisis. She has a deep understanding of how the world of social media works and can translate it into concrete action. Plus she’s just a really great person to work with. :-)

Wendy Gordon, LM, CPM, MPH
Assistant Professor, Bastyr University Dept of Midwifery
Co-founder, Anti-Racism & Anti-Oppression work in Midwifery (AROM)

We so appreciate working with BirthSwell! Jeanette and Hillary have been instrumental in our efforts as researchers working to improve childbirth health services. They have enabled us to contact and survey women regarding their priorities for childbirth, and have guided us regarding how and where to reach women with diverse backgrounds and philosophies. Such guidance is essential for assuring that women’s views and perspectives are heard and incorporated within national policies and standards for childbirth services.

Kimberly D. Gregory, MD, MPH
Lisa Marie Korst, MD, PhD
Moshe Fridman, PhD
Maternal Quality Indicators Working Group (MQI)


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About Hillary and Jeanette

BirthSwell was founded by Hillary Boucher and Jeanette McCulloch. Read our manifesto here.

We started working together on a statewide advocacy campaign for access to midwives in New York state.

Together, we bring more than twenty five years experience in using communications strategically for social good. Between us, we have worked in community organizing; local, statewide, and national communications campaigns; blogging; and health care advocacy.

We love theory – we want to know why things work! – but we are grounded in the practical of how things work. We want to improve maternal and infant health by working with the most impactful and innovative organizations in birth, breastfeeding, and infant and maternal health.

We also love community. The only thing we enjoy more than getting to know the people doing the work is seeing the power of collaborations when we connect together the amazing people we’ve met along the way.

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