About BirthSwell

For more than five years, Jeanette McCulloch of BirthSwell has been helping professionals and advocates build businesses and organizations, change policy, and spread your birth (and lactation) genius through strategic digital communications.

Digital communications around the issues impacting the childbearing year is all we do.

As a result, we understand your unique needs, and we are deeply familiar with the current climate around birth, lactation, and millennial parents.

BirthSwell brings more than 20 years of strategic communications experience with non-profit and for-profit organizations and scales projects to fit your group’s budget and staffing/volunteer capacity. Services are provided either by retainer, package, or hourly consulting and non-profit discounts are available.

BirthSwell’s work falls into the three areas we believe will lead to true birth and lactation options for families:

  • Increasing access to a full range of providers
  • Improving decision-making through access to evidence-based information
  • Changing policies in our communities to provide meaningful choices

How BirthSwell Began

BirthSwell was founded by Jeanette McCulloch and Hillary Boucher after a crisis in their home state of New York led to a successful advocacy effort. Alongside consumer advocates from around the state, they used digital tools to mobilize a grassroots effort that (along with their statewide midwifery organization) changed state law to increase access to midwives. Jeanette is now the principal of BirthSwell.