BirthGenius Chat #22: Keeping Up With Change

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Tuesday, June 19th, at 1:30pm ET

How were you reaching moms with messages about birth and breastfeeding a decade ago? Did you have a website? Social media has equaled rapid change in how we reach the 2.0 mom – and the platforms we need to understand to find them.

The rate of change is staggering:

  •  Two years ago, Pinterest didn’t exist. Now it is driving more web traffic than Google +, LinkedIn, and You Tube combined.
  •  Twitter just celebrated its sixth birthday. It now has 140 million active users generating over 340 million tweets daily.
  •  Facebook is only eight years old and has 900 million active users.
  •  Wordpress just turned nine and is now the platform of nearly a quarter of all websites.

Every change equals new opportunity – and new questions about where to focus our often limited resources. What’s the next big thing in social media? And should you care?

This month’s topic:

Keeping up with change in social media.

Let’s discuss and share:

How have you changed your approach to reaching the 2.0 mom in the last year? Five years?

How do you think things will change in the next year? Five years?

Where have you found successes in the rapid change? And what are the lessons learned from energies invested in efforts that didn’t pay off?

What are your favorite sources of information for keeping on top of social media change?

How do you maximize your social media efforts given limited time?

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Date: Tuesday 6/19

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