BirthGenius Twitter Chat (11/15): If We’re All On The Same Side–Why is There So Much Conflict?

If we’re all on the same side–why is there so much conflict?

I think we can agree: we all support women to have the best and healthiest experiences in their childbearing year. Whether we’re volunteers or professionals working in maternal health–we support women.

So what’s the problem?

  • Doctors versus midwives
  • Midwives versus midwives
  • Primary care providers versus doulas
  • A disconnect between birth and breastfeeding communities

(Just to name a few that readily come to mind.)

The best way to support mothers is to work together towards common goals. Let’s discuss where lies the birth and breastfeeding community’s biggest dividing factors and more importantly–how we can overcome them.

Join Birth and Breastfeeding Professionals

Date: Tuesday 11/15

Time: 9:30 pm eastern

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