BirthGenius Twitter Chat – Connecting to the 2.0 Mom

#BirthGenius Twitter Chat:

Monthly, now on Fridays at 1 pm eastern.

Dates to be announced!

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Join birth and breastfeeding professionals and activists to discuss effectively leveraging the web to empower the 2.0 mom with evidence-based info, affect policy change and grow birth businesses and organizations.

Why Your #BirthGenius Matters

We want women to be armed with the best possible knowledge about birth. We believe that when a women googles “birth” she should find evidence-based information.

And – so that she’ll actually *read* it – the evidence-based information should be packaged up to speak directly and effectively to her.

Birth and breastfeeding pros hold amazing birth genius – knowledge, services, skills, and political actions – that bring evidence-based care to moms.

How do we as birth pros become better communicators – developing spot-on messages, creating websites that speak directly to mothers, and getting top-notch rankings on search engines?

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the web 2.0 world or you’re a social media maven with a blog and thousands of followers this conversation needs you. Everyone’s welcome!

You’re invited to the #BirthGenius Twitter Chat

Who: Birth and breastfeeding pros and activists who want to arm women with evidence-based information about birth (including midwives, doulas, lactation consultants and volunteers, and birth activists)
What: A Twitter chat to talk about reaching the 2.0 mom with evidence based info
When/where: Once a month, date tba, but nearly always on a Friday at 1pm eastern; #BirthGenius
Your hosts:  Jeanette and Hillary.  Follow us both for updates on each month’s topic!

This your first chat, too?

Here’s how this works.

  • The party’s where the hashtag is at! You can find other people who have joined the chat by watching for the #BirthGenius hashtag. Add your genius by marking each of your tweets with the #BirthGenius hashtag.
  • Apps make it easy. You can follow a party by doing a search on twitter for the hashtag you’d like, and then refreshing the search to read the latest posts. But this gets old fast! There’s a lot of websites that can help you with this – we like  Log in for free and enter the chat’s hashtag (#BirthGenius).  A stream of your chat’s tweets refreshes in near real time, plus automatically assigns your hashtag to each post you make – so easy!
  • Chat etiquette. It’s ok to “lurk” a bit – at most chats, it never hurts to watch the stream a bit before you start to tweet. At #BirthGenius chats – feel free to jump in! We’re all learning here.

Interested in co-moderating a chat?

Pitch us your idea at helpdesk (at) birthswell (dot) com and we’ll consider it for our upcoming schedule!


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