BirthGenius Twitter Chat: Choose Language that Normalizes Healthy Birth and Breastfeeding

BirthGenius Twitter Chat Tuesday, October 18th at 3 pm edt

Diane Wiessinger gave us all a critical guidepost for talking about breastfeeding – and an important wake-up call – when she wrote “watch your language” for the Journal of Human Lactation. (Read about the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine’s take on it here)

How does the language we use around birth (healthy, normal, natural, trusting) impact how our messages get heard?  How can we craft our language so that mothers truly hear and engage with the evidence-based information we have to share around birth and breastfeeding? Most importantly, how do our language choices help us to reach a broader audience and not just “the choir?”

Join us for our monthly BirthGenius chat: a discussion for birth and breastfeeding professionals about reaching the 2.0 mom in the digital era.

What: BirthGenius Twitter Chat

When: Tuesday, October 18th 3 pm edt

Where: On Twitter under the #BirthGenius hashtag

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