BirthGenius Twitter Chat: Money, Money, Money…. + your birth practice?

We know. You are not in this for the money. We’re all too busy helping moms and babies to worry about the money side of things — but it’s important to talk about! As birth and breastfeeding practitioners we find ourselves wearing hats we may have never imagined: entrepreneur, work-at-home-mother, business owner, philanthropists or . . . volunteer?

This month’s topic:

What role does money play in our birth and breastfeeding practices, our businesses and our blogs and social media presence?

Let’s discuss:

How do you balance your volunteer/paid commitments?                                                                                                                        Are there multiple streams to your income model?                                                                                                                                 How does your social media time impact your income? Are you getting leads from your social media efforts?
What does your business get from you being on social media?
Are you using tools to provide remote services?
What are your philanthropic efforts?

Join Birth and Breastfeeding Professionals

Date: Tuesday 1/17

Time: 1:30 pm Eastern

Details: Join the chat using the #BirthGenius Hashtag –Learn More Here

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