What BirthSwell Can Do For You

BirthSwell crafts a strategic approach to each project. Our custom strategies are designed to reach the community you’ll need to make the change you want for your business or organization.

BirthSwell works with birth and breastfeeding folks - from volunteers to professionals to advocates - at organizations of all sizes, from solo care providers to volunteer driven non-profits to staffed birth centers and international organizations. We know how to scale a project to your capacity and your goals. Tell us about your project today!

Ways we can work together:

Consulting. Make us a part of your organization’s team. We’ll assemble the services and strategy your organization needs to make an impact using digital communications. We match our work to your scale, from all-volunteer organizations to mid-sized birth centers to staffed non-profits. We give our all to every group that works with BirthSwell and our consulting availability is very limited.

Speaking. BirthSwell’s speakers are engaging and supportive, helping beginners and experts learn new skills. Learn more here >>.

Strategy Sessions. Get your most pressing social media questions answered fast, with strategies that help you reach your goals and action steps that match your organization’s size and scale. Learn more here >>.

Social media coaching. You (or your staff) manages your own content, but you’d like ongoing support to check in on strategy, make sure you are headed in the right direction, or to talk through challenges.

Training. BirthSwell teaches you and your community the skills and strategies you need to use digital communications to reach your goals. We provide on-site and virtual trainings, from one-on-one sessions to large groups, specifically crafted to your organization’s needs.

Recent trainings have included:

  • Understanding Millennial Families Online
  • Finding and Converting Your Community Online: Establishing Your Online Sales Funnel
  • Creating Your Online Ecosystem
  • Strategic Use of Facebook to Reach Your Goals (also available for other platforms)
  • Crafting Visuals That Connect With Your Audience
  • Understanding and Developing Your Online Network
  • Developing and Executing Your Social Media Routine (including training on top tools)