Guest post at Moms Rising

Moms RisingWhoo hoo! We’re so excited to share with you all that we’re guest blogging today at Moms Rising – along with Amber McCann – on how to help ensure mothers have fair and accurate information on social media about infant feeding.

We are thrilled that the Moms Rising audience will learn about how the world’s largest food company – Nestle – is pouring enormous resources into marketing formula online. This despite a set of rules adopted by the World Health Organization that specifically outlines how formula should be marketed (commonly called the WHO Code).

We hope this article will help build support and awareness for the WHO Code. We also hope it will help dispel a common misunderstanding about these efforts. The WHO Code does not limit access to formula or any other feeding option. The WHO Code governs the marketing of formula, with the goal of ensuring that women have access to high-quality information about infant feeding. At BirthSwell, we think this is especially important because we believe and trust that when women have access to evidence-based information and support, they will make the choices that are best for their families.

Read the Moms Rising post here. We hope you’ll share it widely!

To join in the efforts to support the WHO Code, please join the Facebook group here.

This post came out of a recent presentation by myself (Jeanette) and Amber at the Breastfeeding and Feminism conference. We originally wrote up our talk as a part of the conference proceedings, and were thrilled that Science and Sensibility (Lamaze’s blog for birth professionals) ran that post (read it here). The piece you’ll read over at Moms Rising is a revised version, taking into account the somewhat different audience (activist moms).

Please go stop by Moms Rising, read the post, and consider sharing and/or leaving a comment. And thanks for your support of the WHO Code!

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