How To Update Your Twitter Profile Images

BirthGeniuses, did you see the new options for your Twitter profile rolled out ths week?

You can now further personalize your page with a header image (think Facebook Pages banner) and there’s more flexibility with the background images.


Why? Probably due to the increased use of tablets and other mobile devices. Twitter also rolled out a number of new apps and updates that will make your new profile page more visible.

Note: you don’t *have* to update your Twitter profile. Just don’t upload a header image, and you’ll keep the old page style intact.

If you want to upgrade, start by choosing your header image. My first few attempts were, honestly, pretty awful (thanks #doulaparty for the honest feedback!) mostly because the bio was hard to read and competed with the picture. Here’s a great post on how to change your header image that includes helpful design ideas I wish I’d read before experimenting. I use a free tool,, to size images and apply filters. Here’s a basic tutorial for Pixlr and a Pinterest pinboard of more advanced tutorials.

Also consider changing your background image. With the new flexibility to put an image on the left, center, or right, you have more creative control of your page. Here’s an example in the birth and breastfeeding community to inspire you: Amber McCann.

Be aware that the last six photos you shared will now also be on the profile page. (I blocked them out on my example here to make it easier to show where the profile, header, and background is.)

Have you updated your Twitter profile? Please share your new profile with us!

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