How will the new Facebook changes affect Birth and Breastfeeding Pros?

Last week Facebook announced major changes to the popular social networking site. The changes affect birth and breastfeeding professionals because Facebook remains an ever-important space for reaching tech savvy moms with evidence-based information, services and support. Check out the numbers:

In 2010, 54% of Facebook’s 500 million users are women and 70% of women on Facebook are between the ages of 18-44. (stats are from digital surgeon’s infographic). And Facebook is still growing, with the most recent user count at 800 million.

Without a doubt – Facebook is where you’ll find the 2.0 Mom.

We’re still digging in to figure out what these changes mean for birth and breastfeeding professionals. In the meantime, here are some resources to help you make sense of Facebook’s recent announcements.

Check out these links to stay ahead of the Facebook learning curve:

Timeline, a ticker box and the elimination of the “Like” button….oh my! Round-up of Facebook’s changes.

People don’t need to “Like” you to interact with your Page anymore. How Facebook changes affect your Page.

People can subscribe to get your (public) profile updates without compromising your privacy. How to activate Facebook’s new subscribe button.

We know that in order to better support moms in healthy birth and breastfeeding we need to envision and create a better maternal health care system. How Facebook’s changes will help you change the world.

On 9/25, the #hcsm chat topic was: Will Facebook Timeline Change What We Share? Privacy, Social Media and Health Care. Read the highlights here.

Check out this video that Facebook released about the new Timeline feature:


Talk to us: What do you think about the new Facebook changes? Frustrated or jumping for joy?

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