Nine Birth and Breastfeeding Photos That Tell A Story

In our post on improving the impact of photography on your website, blog, and social media campaigns, we talk about the importance of using images that tell a story. Here’s nine examples from the birth and breastfeeding world – mostly by amateurs or using bartered pro photographers – to ignite your creativity about your images:

This picture – from the Alabama Birth Coalition – tells a story: community support.


The Birth Without Fear team has this gorgeous header, with an image by Earthside Birth Photography.  Plus they use original photography in each post, and they watermark the images to help ensure fair usage.






Most images we see of breastfeeding are of white moms. Kimberly Seals Allers brings much-needed attention to the unique needs of women of color at Mocha Manual:

One solution to the issue of a shortage of images of women of color breastfeeding: the brilliant Brown Mamas Breastfeed Project, the brainchild of Jeanine, a Chicago-based doula and blogger and Anayah of Soule Veg Mama.


Ha ha ha! Love this image on a breastfeeding support site, Lowcountry Lactation Station:

This image of Patrice Jones at work tells us so much about the compassion, caring, and professionalism she brings to her work. She bartered with photographers at Dolce Photography:

During the Free Our Midwives campaign, Hillary and I used photography to tell the story of happy, healthy families thanks to midwives. We compiled a gallery of images sent in by moms that was distributed to legislators.









Doula Summer Thorp-Lancaster also has a trade arrangement with her photographer for pics like this one from her blog:

This image from Jodine Chase’s blog Jodine’s World was captured at a rally calling on Facebook to stop banning breastfeeding pictures. Facebook reps gave the hat to the baby . . . and banned the pic the next day!










p.s. Wondering when it is ok to use the images of others? Learn more about copyright and fair use and Creative Commons images before you post.

Have examples of photography that you’d like to share? Let us know!

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