Deepen Your Community's Knowledge

All presentations are tailored to meet the needs of your community, including your goals, audience size, and participants role in the profession. Interested in a subject not listed here? Contact us to discuss how we can collaborate on content that meets your needs.

Recent topics on communications for birth and lactation pros and volunteers:

#thestruggleisreal: How to Build Understanding and Empathy with Millennial Families.

Deepen your ability to support today's families by understanding what drives Millennial families.

Learn about the unique values, communication styles, learning preferences, and buying habits of Millennials. We’ll also address some common friction points between Millennials and other generations, with the goal of developing a self-awareness that can help us provide the best possible care.

We will also learn how to apply our knowledge of Millennial values and communications styles to understanding how we can best find Millennials as clients, teach in the way they best learn, and provide information and care in a way that reaches Millennials where they are at.

Appropriate for all skill levels and audiences. Particularly helpful for those who provide direct care to Millennials. Typically 90 minutes.

The Care and Feeding of Your Social Media.

Go beyond the basics to learn how to create a plan for your practice's digital presence.

Learn the tools to develop a plan for engaging with target audiences, whether you are one person shop or a large birth or breastfeeding organization. We will cover: getting clarity on your target audience; setting clear, measurable goals for your social media efforts; social media time management; developing a content strategy; and why a “homebase” is important, including tools for capturing your target audience; and tips for maximizing engagement.

This presentation is ideal for those who are already using social media or who are planning a strategic social media launch for their organization or business. This talk presumes a basic familiarity with at least two social platforms (such as websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc).

Birth Your Online Presence: Digital Marketing That Builds Birth and Breastfeeding Practices.

Demystify the process of online marketing your birth business. Participants will finish this session confident in their ability to reach your audience online, even if they are new to social media tools like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter. In this hands-on, interactive session, participants will develop an online marketing plan; learn what platforms are right for their business; establish routines for managing time and resources; create strategies for managing common concerns; and practice with step-by-step guides and tip sheets.

Appropriate for those who are newer to social media and would like be strategic with their resources. Typically a half-day session.

Birth Your Online Community: Digital Organizing For Birth and Breastfeeding Changemakers. 

Social media can amplify messages, build support for social justice campaigns, and influence public policy debates. How can we harness the power of digital strategy to create messages that connect, craft content that inspires action and cultivate the networks that work together to create meaningful change? In this workshop, explore strategies and examine best practices (from lactation advocacy and beyond). Leave with practical tools you can use to support existing advocacy campaigns and build your own.

Appropriate for all skill levels and audiences. This session can range from a 90 minute lecture format to a half-day interactive session.

Getting on Google's Good Side: Top SEO Strategies For Getting Found Online.

For birth and lactation pros and/or volunteer leaders seeking to improve a website's placement on Google and other search engines. Intended for those who already have a site in place, but can also be helpful for those planning a new or overhauled web presence.

Changemakers Unite! How To Build Lasting, Effective Partnerships Between Midwives and Consumers.

This talk was developed for the Midwives Alliance of North America but can be tailored to any state or local level looking to maximize consumer/midwifery efforts around legislation, regulations, or other policy issue.

Recent topics on LGBTQIA+ Literacy for Birth and Lactation Professionals:

Rainbow Families: Supporting Lactating LGBTQIA+ Families. 

For birth and lactation volunteers, professionals, and advocates seeking to increase their literacy serving families in the LGBTQIA+ community. Typically a 60-90 minute session.

Meet Jeanette McCulloch, Founder


For more than five years, Jeanette McCulloch of BirthSwell has been helping professionals and advocates build businesses and organizations, change policy, and spread your birth genius (and breastfeeding and MCH genius) through strategic digital communications.

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