Success Story: International Lactation Consultant Association


Project: Website Overhaul for the International Lactation Consultant Association

The International Lactation Consultant Association is a professional organization serving lactation consultants around the globe. BirthSwell – along with collaborator Amber McCann executed a complete overhaul of the website.


  • Create a mobile friendly design that reflects the organization’s international nature
  • Highlight the organization’s values of education, diversity, equity
  • Simplify the navigation
  • Create a revenue stream for the organization
  • Maintain the inbound links (links coming from other websites that provide much needed referral traffic)



Our process:

1) Needs assessment. We started by asking key questions about the goals and audience for the website:

  • Who is our audience?
  • What do we want our audience to do?
  • What does our audience need?
  • Why do users come to the website?
  • What do we want users to leave with?
  • Who are the stakeholders?
  • What data do we have now to inform audience goals and needs?
  • Is there other data that we need?

2) Mapping. We sketched out the key elements and processes for the website, including:

  • Navigation structure
  • Copy outline, including key points, visuals needed, special functions (like buttons or forms)
  • A “call to action” for each page

We also mapped out the user flow for key processes at the site, like membership, webinar marketing, conference promotion, and members seeking resources.

3) Wireframing. Before we crafted copy or selected images, we hired an incredible graphic designer, Adriana Lozada, who created the first drafts of our wireframing. Wireframing provides a visual guide for the framework of your site that allows you plan how your users will experience the site.

4) Crafting copy. We wrote content for each page designed to:

  • Communicate key messages
  • Emphasize a single “call to action”
  • Keep the attention of readers experiencing daily information overload

5) Identifying images. We selected images with the goal of reinforcing ILCA’s key messages of equity, diversity, and equity. Images were solicited from members, chosen from creative commons, or purchased from stock when needed.

6) Coding. Because ILCA works with a specific content manager (Higher Logic) we worked with a coder knowledgeable with the ins-and-outs of the Higher Logic platform.

7) Beta testing. The site was a major overhaul for ILCA, so we wanted to make sure:

  • The site functioned on all common platforms
  • Content was easy to find
  • Common tasks (like membership renewal) were easy to complete
  • All of the images and copy communicated our key messages

A group of amazing volunteers agreed to use the site and complete a feedback form designed to gather their input. We used their insights to make final adjustments before we launched.

About Jeanette McCulloch

For more than five years, Jeanette McCulloch of BirthSwell has been helping professionals and advocates build businesses and organizations, change policy, and spread your birth genius (and breastfeeding and MCH genius) through strategic digital communications.

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