The BirthSwell Manifesto

Together we will effectively leverage new media tools to empower the 2.0 mom with evidence-based information, change policy and grow birth businesses and organizations.

We believe women make excellent health choices when they have access to evidence-based information, respectful health care and a strong support system.

We believe that new digital tools can help spread good information.

We believe the web can leverage the message of healthy birth practices and encourage women and health care practitioners to practice shared decision making.

We believe that you have Birth Genius and we want to help your message be heard.

We are birth professionals and digital strategists.

We know how to take important birth information, turn them into powerful messages, and share them in BIG ways.

We want to teach you how to do it too.

BirthSwell is a place to come and learn about what web platforms work best for your and your birth work. The web is not one size fits all. We want to help you create and maintain a web presence to be proud of–and more importantly a web presence that helps create a better maternity care system.

We comb the web, trying out new tools, sifting through all the technology and information to bring you the easiest and best technology for your birth work.

Are you an author? Practitioner? Teacher? Part of an organization? Change maker?

Let’s work and learn together–creating a wave a change so powerful that we see birth transformed. Let’s use the tools to leverage our efforts so that good information and respectful care become the norm.

Let’s spread our BirthGenius.

Let’s create a BirthSwell.

Want to learn how to optimize your web presence with theory paired with easy to learn tips, tricks, tutorial and learning resources? Join our community and sign up for our free  newsletter. We’ll keep you web savvy and more importantly, you’ll help keep women healthy and safe.

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