Tips For Making The Most Of Social Media At Birth And Breastfeeding Conferences

Getting ready to attend a conference and want to spread information and build your presence in the birth and breastfeeding community?

Go visual.

Get out that iPhone and start taking pictures. Or consider a quick video. Including a picture or video with your written nugget of conference genius will significantly increase the likelihood it will be shared on Facebook or Pinterest. (Note: Do consider getting permission before sharing pics of conference slides, especially unpublished research.)

Tweet it out.

Connect with other conference attendees and build your following by sharing the best of conference on Twitter. Our Twitter Tips For Conference Attendees will get you ready to live tweet. Still learning a hashtag from a retweet? Here’s our friendly Twitter welcome guide for birth and breastfeeding pros.

Line up your power.

Bring your power cord and scope out the outlets early on. Charge up overnight so you arrive with a full charge each morning.

Focus on IRL.

Sharing information with a broader community increases everyone’s reach. But don’t forget why you are at the conference in the first place – to connect with the real person sitting next to you.

Organizing a conference? Check out our tips for conference organizers.

What are your favorite tips for conference attendees?

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