Top Breastfeeding Pages on Facebook

Since there’s no easy way to identify the top Facebook pages on a topic like breastfeeding, I’m crowdsourcing it!

I’ve identified what I think are the ten U.S. Facebook pages that focus on breastfeeding and have the most fans. (I’m a huge believer that audience size isn’t everything! But right now I’m looking for pages with the biggest headcounts.)

What did I miss? I’ll update the list with your feedback. Thank you! (Followers are as of March 7, 2015).

Breastfeeding Mama Talk 417,446

KellyMom 266,421

The Badass Breastfeeder 204,070

The Leaky Boob 195,473

La Leche League USA 149,585

Breastfeeding 147,546

Beautiful Breastfeeding 122,522

Breastfeeding USA 105,643

Breastfeeding 105,516

Best for Babes 70,855



  1. Scarlett on September 16, 2015 at 11:19 am

    “Black Women Do Breastfeed” has 96,252 followers as of today.

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