Conference Twitter 101 for Birth and Breastfeeding Pros: Getting Started

Are you at a conference and want to deepen your experience by joining the Twitter stream? A conference is a great place to start out Tweeting and a quick way to build your audience. In this series of posts you’ll get the basics for getting started at a conference.

Conference goers: If you are new to Twitter and at a conference, you’ll probably be starting out on your phone or tablet.

Step one: install the app for your device.

Click here for your device: iPhone, iPad, Android

If you are using a laptop instead, sign up for Twitter here.

Step two: Click the “sign up” button and enter your name, email, password, and username.

TIP: your username will be your Twitter handle and your online form of identification. You could use your real name (if it is available) or possibly your real name plus something about you. You could also use the name you use for business. Twitter handles must be unique, so you may need to try a few before you find one that is available. You can identify  Twitter handles by the @ sign that comes right before the name – as exemplified below.


Miriam Labbok: @DocLabbok

Me: @JeanetteIBCLC

Amber McCann: @IAmAmberMcCann

Robin Kaplan: @SDBFC (For the San Diego Breastfeeding Center)

TIP: choose a password you’ll remember!

Once you are done, hit “sign up”.

You’ll get an email confirmation – click on the link there and you’ll be up and running.

Read on to part two for how to get started with Tweeting at the conference!

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