Why we love Preggie Pals & The Boob Group

Robin Kaplan, IBCLC, Host of The Boob Group

Robin Kaplan, IBCLC, Host of The Boob Group








Ok, so we admit it: we are biased.

First, we love Robin Kaplan, IBCLC, the host of the Boob Group podcast and owner of the San Diego Breastfeeding Center. She’s *so* committed to meetings moms where they are at.

Second, we’re now contributors to the Preggie Pals online radio show. We provide a short segment on the best internet resources for new moms.

But seriously, we all have something to learn from New Mommy Media and Sunny Gault, the woman behind these online resources for new and expectant moms.  If you haven’t found them yet, the Boob Group and Preggie Pals are weekly, online radio shows (podcasts). Each episode brings together an expert on a topic along with a few real-life mom panelists to discuss topics like childbirth preparation methods, nutrition in pregnancy, handling criticism of breastfeeding, and tandem nursing.

What we love:Boob Group Logo

Meeting moms where they are at.

The host of each segment guides the expert and mom panelists through a conversation that is supportive *and* honest . . . and free of dogma. There’s no judging of any parenting styles here. Instead, there’s lots of room for parents to find the approach that’s right for them.

Evidence-based information.

The hosts and expert are on hand to ensure that personal, real-life experiences are balanced with up-to-date research and information. We believe that a mother armed with evidence-based information will make the choices that are right for her!

High-quality design.Preggie Pals Logo

The look and feel of the website is decidedly, well, not crunchy. Not that there’s anything wrong with earth-mama sites. But all of the New Mommy Media sites are clearly designed to reach a broader audience.

WHO-code compliance.

(Of course they are! Otherwise we wouldn’t be contributors!) Yes, it is possible to be financially viable *and* be WHO-compliant. Check out their advertising policy for details. A huge shout-out to Sunny and Robin for putting their money where their mouth (mouths?) are.

Catch Jeanette in these segments.

And consider sharing the Boob Group and Preggie Pals episodes with your audience.

What birth and breastfeeding sites do you love? Give us a link and tell us why in the comments below!


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