BirthGenius Chat #23: Using Technology To Make Your Life Simpler Not More Complicated

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Tuesday, September 18th, at 1:30pm ET

Millennial moms are known for being highly connected online. Moms are the most likely to use a smartphone or tablet and, according to this recent study, 12% even reported using their smart phones during sex.

How are you using technology to make your life simpler? What tools, routines, and strategies are you using to organize your professional life? Do new media tools help with all the ways your personal and professional life overlap?

This month’s topic:

Using technology to make your life simpler, not more complicated.

Let’s discuss and share:

Are you using any tools designed for birth and breastfeeding work, like YourDoulaBiz or PrivatePractice?

Are there tools you recommend for your clients, like TotalBaby for breastfeeding mothers?

Are you using a smartphone to manage your social media profiles on the go or at births?

What routines or processes do you use to simplify your online life?

How and when do you unplug?

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Date: Tuesday 9/18

Time: 1:30 pm Eastern


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